"The best part about working with Nicole is I know she is committed to my success. She is high energy, pushy and passionate in all the right ways. She recommended several processes for me to advance my goals and kept on recommending them until I felt comfortable trying them out. 95% of the time she was spot on with what I needed and the other 5% she looked for other options. I experienced her create a space where 12 strangers came together to build a community to grow professionally and personally. Simply put she gets "it" and she wants others to get it too."

- Corrine Cashin, Founder of CashIn Money Matter

"I just wanted to write a hearty thank you and appreciation note for all of your energy, strength and positivity that you've been able to offer throughout this journey. You are like a rock, very grounding and full of crevices that distinguish who you are as a human being. There have been so many times when you've shared your story that really resonated with me. You are such an inspiration and I am so glad to have shared this journey with you. There is an easy likability and charisma about you that is very infectious. I know that whatever you put your mind to, you will accomplish. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me and the group through this journey.”

- Christina

“Nicole is an amazing woman and leader. Her loving, kind guidance pulled me through a difficult transition in my life and helped me “birth” my passion and dream! I don’t know what I would have done without her gentle care as she encouraged me to recognize myself and acknowledge the beauty inside me. I am forever in her debt.”

– Alex K. Shayne, Artist – Abandon in Place – A One Human Show

“You really helped me formulate an action plan, and get past excuses not to move forward. Thus I felt less overwhelmed and more energized and clear headed.”

– Desi Sanchez, Artist & On-Camera Talent/Producer Owner, Powerful Creative

“Nicole, you have such a talent for listening intently to what is being said, and also to what has not been said. Your ability to do so is very powerful and gave me insight on what I needed to process. Your uncanny ability to see how one life area affects all the others is just incredible and spot on for me. I feel really lucky to have had you for a facilitator.”

– Christina

“I just pulled up the “Visioning Work Summary” that you had put together for me and it’s is completely in line with what actually has happened. I feel a connection with you, I hear your voice in my mind through my crazy moment when my Pitta energy is taking over. Through your coaching: I learned what my balanced self look/feels like, I learned to give my instincts value, I learned to prioritize living a life of full integrity. By now I’m tearing up. this is the first time I’ve taken a look back at the blessing of the last 18 months in it’s entirety. So, truly Thank You a million times. “

– Jovana

“Nicole, your words last night will stay with me forever. I am so thankful that I “called you” into my life. :) Your energy, soul, care, wisdom, and friendship are precious and priceless gifts. There is nowhere I felt safer and more “meant to be” than in our class and individual meetings this year. Thank you for celebrating and appreciating what I brought to the class so deeply and fully. It was my true, authentic self, and I am so happy to have found such a safe and wonderful place to be and flourish at this time in my life. I have learned and gained so much from you and my wonderful classmates both spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. THANK YOU…I’m thankful this is all the beginning…”

– Paula

“You were one of the first people that identified and encouraged me to be a leader in my daily life, especially when I had no clue how it would all turn out. That has made all the difference in my life and all the little girls I am blessed to serve. I am beyond grateful for your love and belief in me!”

– Eileen,Founder Girls of Fire Leadership Camp Nairobi

“Nicole is a passionate, gentle yet firm and strong force who not only teaches through words and diagrams, but also through example. She leads through living her life in integrity and it has inspired, and continues to inspire, me to do the same. Her ability to reach out and also know when to withhold let me grow and receive the nurture I required to accomplish my goals. Nicole commands the room through love and a wisdom beyond her years all the while allowing me to shine all the brighter in conjunction with her amazing light. I am honored to have had her as my change facilitator and coach.”

- Anna

“Nicole has been an instrumental partner in the planning and launch of our new social impact initiative #PoweredbyHer!” I began to work with Nicole as I was beginning to explore the idea of launching my very first social impact initiative. She provided invaluable accountability and counseling as we worked together over the next year, initially helping me get organized and then guiding me through a thought process that helped me clarify my goals and the initiative’s mission. She was available via email, phone or skype whenever I felt stuck or had a question. Every interaction always left me feeling creatively charged and ready to take action. Nicole’s unwavering guidance has been a critical part of my success in reaching that goal. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking to make a social impact in the world through their unique voice and passion!”

– Jessica Perilla, CEO JPD Studio, Founder #PoweredByHer