You want your work to matter.

You’re over contributing to global warming with your choice of car, or child labor with your choice of clothing. In short, you’re done feeling guilty.

You want to put your money and time into causes that don’t just matter, but matter to YOU.

You’re ready to stand up for something RIGHT, something that MATTERS, something BIG.

Because hello? You do care.

Even if your slammed schedule and mediocre money sitch don’t allow you to show it.

You know that there are ways that you can still make a difference. There are small choices you could make TODAY, whether that’s a totally new career or volunteering on weekends.

But the options are overwhelming.

You want to make a choice you can feel good about.

But how do you choose?

Well, say hello to THE SOCIAL (GOOD) CLUB.

The Social (Good) Club is an online community centered around education and action to do more good in the world. We’ll provide the info, we’ll lead the charge. You just have to bring your critical thinking skills, honest opinions, and desire to make an impact.


“Nicole is committed to your success. She is high energy, pushy and passionate in all the right ways. Nicole recommended several processes for me to advance my goals. 95% of the time she was spot on with what I needed and the other 5% she looked for other options. She gets ‘it’ and she wants others to get it too.”

Corrine CashinFounder of CashIn Money Matter

Life as a member of the Social (Good) Club looks like –

  • Having a fun place for real conversations about causes that you’re passionate about.

  • Being inspired on a daily basis to make choices that create greater good in the world.

  • Heading to dinner parties and social gatherings feeling totally in-the-know because you’re getting up to date news from a reliable, intelligent resource (hell yes!).

  • Feeling damn good about yourself every morning because you’re finally living in a way that will leave the world better than you found it.

  • Getting the support and feedback of a like-minded family whose goals are totally aligned with yours.

  • Enhancing your own knowledge and expertise from the collective engagement of a smart, inspired community.


  • Curated News
  • You need a trusted curator to provide you with the information that needs your attention, without any excess. You’ll get a monthly newsletter with highlighted topics of relevance. No more thumbing or scrolling through news headlines (or worse, ignoring them). No more getting lost in the pages of Kickstarter or GoFundMe wondering where you should donate that month. No more overwhelming sea of options. As a member of the Social Good Club, you’ll get the news you care about so you can make informed decisions about how to give back. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Contribution Made Easy
  • Each month I will highlight a great organization or social good initiative (or two!) that needs your support to donate to.

    In addition, SGC will provide you with picks, called “Conscious Consumption,” for products and businesses that you can feel good purchasing from – because there’s room in everyday spending to make a difference.

  • Cause-Centered Community
  • All month long, we’ll be chatting it up in our Private Facebook Group. But, in addition to that, we’ll hop on a call every month to discuss + share progress on our individual do good missions, get laser coaching and guidance as needed to move forward, and to generally just kick it. This club exists to celebrate and support you in your Do-Good journey – and a huuuuge part of that happens on our monthly mastermind call. We become better, together. Which is why the community component is the key to your growth.
  • Inspirational Interviews
  • Every month, I’ll invite an exceptional do-gooder to share their story and the ups and downs of accomplishing their own social initiative. If I’m lucky, you’ll help by nominating non profits, social efforts, and companies in the business of doing more good! Just let us know who you absolutely love and would like to see featured, and we’ll make an effort to make that happen for you.

PLUS… You’ll get a bonus webinar every month to teach you about a specific process you need to create a do good life including how to turn your cause into your career and how to get your business to give back.

AND to make things even more simple and FUN, The Social (Good) Club will focus on a different Do-Good topic each month. Some Upcoming Topics Include: Girls in Technology, Microfinance, Women’s Health, and The Slow Food Movement. We’re covering as much ground as possible in the Social Good Club.

Get ready to become part of a like minded crew of Do-Gooders!